Greetings ACDA Eastern Region!

I hope that your holiday season has provided the rest that we all need following the busy Christmas concert season! As the new year approaches and we are all making resolutions (though I know I won’t lose the 20lbs I’m pledging to drop), I thought I would write about something not specifically choral or musical at all. I have found this topic to be crucial to my teaching, music-making, and personal growth / professional development. 

Greetings, ACDA East! 
My name is Kevin Dibble and I am the Director of Choral Activities at Houghton University where I am privileged to conduct our SATB ensembles, SSAA ensemble, and TTBB ensemble. I also lead our undergraduate and graduate choral conducting programs, teaching conducting lessons, conducting classes, choral literature classes, music history classes, and courses in professional development for graduate students.