Dick Kegerreis (1928-2002) contributed enormously to ACDA through his service as editor of the Eastern Region’s Troubadour, as national coordinator of newsletter editors, and as editor of New York’s state newsletter Choral Cues. To honor these contributions, as well as his life as a dedicated choral conductor and mentor, the Board of the Eastern Division in 2002 established the Richard I. Kegerreis ACDA Eastern Region Conference Scholarships. Scholarships are available to students studying choral music at the collegiate level to attend ACDA East Region conferences. Scholarship details (deadlines, application process, and award amounts) are published in connection with the East Region’s biennial conferences.

Memorial Donations Invited to Richard Kegerreis Scholarship Fund (Link live soon)

Funding for the Richard Kegerreis Scholarships comes from ACDA Eastern Region funds, supplemented by donations by any persons wishing to honor Richard Kegerreis. Donations are tax-deductible, and Mrs. Kegerreis will be informed of those donating to this fund as a memorial to her husband.

Donate online or send checks payable to: ACDA East
Memo: Richard Kegerreis Scholarship Fund

Donations should be sent to:
Richard Kegerreis Scholarship Fund

Administration of the Fund

Committee Organization
The Kegerreis Scholarship Committee consists of six persons appointed by the Eastern Region president. The President will name one of the six members to serve as Chair.

Two Region past-presidents;
Region president-elect;
Region treasurer; and
Conference Honor Choir Coordinator.

In addition, one of the following Eastern Region Repertoire & Standards Chairs will serve:
Two-year College; or
Youth and Student Activities

The Kegerreis Collegiate Scholarship Sub-Committee consists of three Repertoire & Standards chairs appointed by the President. The sub-committee is chaired by the person appointed to the full committee.

The Kegerreis Honor Choir Scholarship Sub-Committee consists of the Honor Choir chair and all Honor Choir coordinators and co-coordinators appointed for that year’s Eastern Region conference. The sub-committee is chaired by the Honor Choir chair.