Basso Continuo: First Post

Greetings, ACDA East! 
My name is Kevin Dibble and I am the Director of Choral Activities at Houghton University where I am privileged to conduct our SATB ensembles, SSAA ensemble, and TTBB ensemble. I also lead our undergraduate and graduate choral conducting programs, teaching conducting lessons, conducting classes, choral literature classes, music history classes, and courses in professional development for graduate students. 
I am thrilled to be joining the ACDA East Board as the Repertoire and Resource Chair for TTBB ensembles! Growing up, I always loved singing but never considered music a possible career path. Given my love for history, and my desire to teach,  I intended to combine the two and be a high school history teacher. My plans were upset my junior year when Dr. Brandon Johnson, then Director of Choral Activities at Houghton University (the position I now hold), invited me to join the TTBB ensemble at the University. I quickly fell in love with the pursuit of excellence, the life-changing power of music, and the energetic atmosphere of the ensemble. Since completing my formal education, the majority of my teaching positions have given me the opportunity to work with TTBB ensembles and I have loved every minute of it! 
As we begin this new academic year and I begin my time serving the ACDA East membership, I would like to introduce you to the TTBB R&R blog, Basso Continuo. It is my desire that this blog serve as a resource, repository for valuable information, and a place where you can find encouragement for your daily teaching and music making. I also plan to share my honest experiences with you – when they go really well… and not so well. I think in discussing and sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly, we can learn and grow together at a faster pace. Throughout my time as the ACDA East Repertoire and Resources Chair for TTBB ensembles, I plan to offer thoughts, workshops, and pose questions for all of us on many topics including (but not limited to):
  • TTBB repertoire lists and virtual reading sessions 
    ○ These lists and reading sessions will include repertoire for all levels of TTBB ensembles, from beginner through professional, and will incorporate new repertoire as well as “tried and true” standards in the TTBB choral tradition.
  • Tips on selecting TTBB repertoire 
  • Choral ensemble teaching techniques
  • Movement in the choral rehearsal 
  • Recruitment, program growth and development 
  •  Interviews with international TTBB choral experts
  •  Programmatic / thematic concert design

I should note that, when helpful, these sessions and discussions may occasionally include some examples taken from my SATB teaching.

It is my sincere hope that my contributions to the membership of the ACDA Eastern Division will serve as a catalyst to spark conversation, discussion, and provide renewed energy as we all work and grow together. As such, please feel free to email me with thoughts, discussion suggestions, or questions on which you would like me to offer my thoughts – as meager as they may be. I would love to talk with as many of you as possible! Please do email me at

Dr. Kevin Dibble is returning to the Greatbatch School of Music, Houghton University in the fall of 2022. At Houghton he will be serving as the Director of Choral Activities and Visiting Assistant Professor of Music.