February 28th-March 2nd | Providence, RI – Dr. Felicia Barber, Conductor

Eligibility for Audition:

  • Singers who will be in grades 10, 11, or 12 in February 2024 may apply. 
  • Application (through Submittable) deadline is September 30, 2023. 
  • Singers must be members in good standing of their sponsoring musical organizations. Singers must be sponsored by a current ACDA member. 
  • Singers participating in an ACDA 2024 Eastern Region conference performing choir, interest session choir or spotlight choir are not eligible to participate in an honor choir. This is due to the amount of time needed for the sound check/performance and honor choir rehearsal time that will be missed. 
  • Application fee of $20

Registration Fees and Costs: Accepted Singers are responsible for all of the following:

  • Registration/participation fee
    • Option A: $499.00
      • This fee covers three (3) hotel nights and many meals, as well as the costs of the honor choir. Students will be assigned to quadruple-occupancy rooms (two double beds per room) in the Omni Providence Hotel for three nights, February 28-March 2 and supervised by ACDA-provided chaperones. 
    • Option B: $299
      • This fee does NOT include hotel accommodations. Participating singers and parent-appointed chaperones will be responsible for arranging and paying for their accommodations. It is recommended that participants stay at the Omni Providence Hotel, where all rehearsals will be held. The Omni Providence Hotel will have a conference rate of $179 (single and double occupancy)
  • A link for hotel bookings will be provided with the acceptance notice. 
  • Personal transportation to and from Providence RI.
  • Scholarships are available and financial need will be determined prior to the registration payment deadline. The Scholarship application form can be filled out by accepted singers within 10 days of their acceptance notification. Singers receiving a scholarship will be notified prior to the honor choir registration deadline.

Expectations of Accepted Singers:

  • Singers must be well-prepared on all music prior to arrival. Re-auditions will take place before the first rehearsal on Wednesday, February 28th. Singers who are not prepared will not be allowed to participate in the honor choir. 
  • Singers are expected to abide by all ACDA Honor Choir policies. If rules are broken, singers will be sent home at their personal expense. 
  • Singers must have an ACDA sponsor (or a representative named by the sponsor) staying at a conference hotel who can provide ACDA with a working cell phone number.


  • All information regarding the Honor Choir will be communicated through the ACDA Sponsor and on acdaeast.org. Singers must have an ACDA sponsor (or a representative named by the sponsor) staying at a conference hotel who can provide ACDA with a working cell phone number.

Online Audition Process:

  • Online applications are on Submittable.
  • The Sponsor (and the applicant with his/her parent as necessary) submits online application information. 
  • Non-refundable payment of  $20.00 may be made by credit card only. If paying by bulk (the sponsor has 2 or more students they want to pay for in one payment in order to be reimbursed by a school or organization) please carefully follow the instructions on the submittable application. You will only need to pay ONE bulk payment. However, the invoice you receive from that payment will need to be used for each individual’s application. Please save your bulk payment invoice after you register your first applicant. This will make completing every other individual application easier. Complete instructions are on the submittable application.  
  • Do not state the student name, sponsor name, or organization for any uploaded recordings. 
  • Sponsor uploads two separate mp3 files of the following for the student. The sound files are: 
  • Vocalise.  Sing the ascending and descending major scales appropriate to the voice part. Scales should be sung on the vowel “ah” as in father. Only the starting pitch may be played. Both must be recorded in one recording. The recording should not be stopped and restarted. Both starting pitches may be played. Accompanied singers will be disqualified.
Voice PartStarting Pitch for Ascending ScaleStarting Pitch for Descending Scale
Soprano IB flat above middle CC above middle C
Soprano IIA above middle CB above middle C
Alto IE above middle CA above middle C
Alto IID above middle CG above middle C
Tenor IA flat below middle CE above middle C
Tenor IIF sharp below middle CMiddle C
Bass IE flat below middle CG below middle C
Bass IIC sharp below middle CE below middle C

How Do I Practice

  • Step 1 – Click  the following link: Practice Resource for Hold Fast to Dreams
  • Step 2 – Once the app is opened/ link clicked, you may select or deselect tracks to aid with your learning. This app will allow you to learn just your part but to also practice with other parts and then eventually all parts.  Be sure to only use the audition track (link above) when recording your audition. All others will be disqualified.

Questions? Contact Regina McAdam, Honor Choir Coordinator: reginamcadam@acdaeast.org