Just the facts update:

1.  We are going ahead with the conference as planned. Conference schedule

2.  There is a Covid-19 vaccine mandate implemented by the City of Boston which ACDA will fully and gratefully comply with.

3.  We hope that you will be with us in Boston in February if you can. Register here!

We last met in person at an ACDA conference in Rochester in March of 2020 just as this pandemic roller coaster was starting. All of us had to get on the roller coaster and had no idea that it would be a less-than-thrilling marathon ride rather than the 90 second exhilaration of highs and lows that we know roller coasters can be. Since that time, and only in speaking in the context of the ACDA conference, the ACDA Eastern committee has been riding the ups and downs of optimism/pessimism, hope/disappointment, anticipation/dread,  and excitement/fear as we envisioned and executed the plans for this conference. For my part, this conference was often a light at the end of the Covid isolation tunnel that I could focus on and work towards.

We know that coming together for this conference involves making careful decisions and making calculations with some unknown factors. What we do have control over is having as many Covid mitigation safety factors in place as possible and with the help of the City of Boston’s policy, one more factor has come into place: Every person involved in the conference will have to be vaccinated against Covid-19. This is in addition to the indoor mask mandate that has been in place for months.

We had already required that our honor choir participants be vaccinated to participate. Requiring all conference participants be vaccinated had also been discussed, but was then dropped. Now with the help of the Boston mandate, we have the pressure and encouragement we needed to implement that requirement.

The city of Boston has instituted the B Together vaccination requirement: “Starting on January 15, 2022 individuals will be required to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 in order to enter certain indoor spaces in Boston. People working in those locations will also be required to have received their vaccines.”

In alignment with the ACDA COVID Conference Guidance adopted by the National Board in October, the Eastern Conference will abide by these requirements for the upcoming region conference, February 9-12. Attendees are required to abide by the following:

  • The Boston B Together mandate requires that conference attendees and participants (performers, chaperones, accompanists, etc.) must be able to show that they have received AT LEAST one dose in order to participate. We encourage all participants to be better protected and to better protect those around them by being fully vaccinated and, if possible, boosted. Honor Choir participants continue to be required to be fully vaccinated (two doses of Pfizer/Moderna or one of J&J administered two weeks prior to the conference.)
  • You will need to present your proof of vaccination upon check-in at the conference in order to receive your badge (or wristband for performing choir members). This badge (or wristband) will also serve as your proof of vaccination status for entering any of our conference venues (Old South Church, St. Cecilia’s, Boston Sheraton)

Acceptable proof of vaccination could be any one of the following:

  • CDC vaccination card 
  • A digital image of your CDC card
  • An image or printout of any official immunization record
  • A city-designated app containing a digital image of any official immunization record
  • Any Covid-19 verification app, like Clear Health Pass, Common Pass, Excelsior Pass, VaxYes, IATA Travel Pass, Key to NYC

Adults over 18 will also need a photo ID that matches the name on your vaccination card.

  • Masks will continue to be required per current CDC guidance that all people wear masks while in public spaces.

No provisions have been provided by the City of Boston for testing in lieu of full vaccination. At this time, ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST have at least one dose of vaccine TO ATTEND THE CONFERENCE. Testing will not be offered and will not suffice in lieu of a minimum of one dose of vaccine.

The knowledge that all those at the conference will be vaccinated should give us an added measure of security in attending the conference. We hope to all gather as safely as possible to celebrate the work we are all doing and to raise our voices in song.


Penelope Cruz
ACDA Eastern Region President