Combined Choir Ideas

We are often charged with combining older and younger choirs together for a culminating song. This can offer a great opportunity for younger students to see what their future might look like in choir, as well as show the community the power of choral music across the district. We wanted to offer some of our favorite pieces for combined choirs for you to include in your next district concert!

Tried and True Middle School Gems: 3 Part Mixed & SAB

I think it can often be very difficult to find pieces that work well for 3 pt mixed/SAB–it really takes a lot of looking to find pieces that work for all of those changing voices! And what works well one year for a particular group, might not work the next time because of the unique voice change process, ensemble numbers and balance. However, here are a few pieces that I have successfully performed with my students in the past. 

Tried and True Middle School Gems

I constantly get emails and texts asking for repertoire ideas, so I thought it would be helpful to make a list of some of my tried and true gems. Many of these are available in multiple voicings, but I’m going to include the voicing that I have either done successfully or love the best. This month, I will focus on 2 part arrangements. Look out for more recommendations in the future!