Providence 2024 Interest Sessions

Congratulations to our Interest Session presenters! Join us in Providence to experience their knowledge and expertise!

The Impact of Communal Singing on Those Affected by Homelessness
Jonathan Palant

Voices in Transition: Gender Inclusive Choral Voicings
Roger Emerson

Bridging the Gap: From Concert Choir to Contemporary A cappella
Marc Silverberg

Place for All: Diverse Perspectives in J. S. Bach’s Cantatas
C. Michael Porter

Recruiting, Engaging and Maintaining Tenors and Basses
Christine Bass

The Filipino Choral Tradition: Your Starter Pack
Reagan Paras

Entering Uncharted Territory: Re-Mapping Our Understanding of the Female Voice
Victoria Sigafoes

Flexible Fach: Gender-Affirming Vocal Pedagogy through Science-Informed Practices
Stevie J. Hirner

Dimensions of Justice in Choral Works by Black Women Composers
Khyle Wooten

Teaching the Voice Through Empathy: Laban Movement Analysis
Timothy Little Trần

Singing Social Change: An investigation of two U.S. children’s choruses
Cara Bernard & Kelly Bylica

“Real Talk” in Rehearsal: Cultivating a Sense of Belonging
Jonathan Harvey

ChoralWorks – Rehearsal Tracks on Smartphones for Free
Robert Natter

Doing the Dishes: Beyond Tolerance of Gender-Diverse Students in Music
Evan Montemayor

Growth Mindset: Striving For Improvement In Yourself And Your Ensemble
Trevor Tran

The Unbounded Voice – An Exploration into Finnish Vocal Folk Traditions
Riikka Pietiläinen Caffrey, Tellu Turkka & Petra Poutanen

Approaching Contemporary Korean Choral Repertoire and Pedagogical Considerations
Minji Kim

The Values Audit: Aligning Your Program’s Priorities and Actions
Margaret Winchell

Why Words Matter
Judith Clurman

Conducting Context and Loving Gestures: Journey from Motion to Emotion
Arreon Harley-Emerson

DEI in Action: Auditing Your Choral Library
Emma Forest & Sandra Howard

Divisive Concept or Student Lifeline?
Kristina Westover, Daniel Jackson, Arreon Harley-Emerson & Keith Roeckle

Building the Ensemble Through Collaborative Circle Activities Across Ages
Jameelah Taylor

(re)sounding Joy: Paradigm Shifts for DEI Work in Choral Spaces
Alyssa Cossey

Lessons from the Tacoma Refugee Choir
Erin Guinup

Programming Effectively Around Social Issues: A Panel Discussion
Alisa Pearson, Arianne Abela, Emily Isaacson, Anthony Trecek-King, Geoffrey Hudson & Chris Shepard

Freedom Trail: Lessons from Retracing Harriet Tubman’s Journey Through Music
Joy Hirokawa, Margaret Namura Clark, Arreon Harley-Emerson & Brittney Stanton

Sama: Listening and Engaging with Musics of the Muslim World
André de Quadros, Krystal Morin & Bradford Dumont

Teaching, Singing, and “Being” in the Aural-Oral Tradition
Whitney Covalle