The Choral Collegiate: First Post

Happy Fall ACDA East!

Like many of you, the start of the academic year is crazy busy! And by now, October, you’re either pushing towards the first concert of the year or just had your first concert and starting your holiday program.  Is there ever a minute to catch a breath? [Take a deep breath here] Well, I hope, we at ACDA will become a resource to you; to spark new ideas, renew energy, and help you connect with colleagues in the region to build support and friendship.

For those of you I have yet to meet, I am Katherine Chan, Director of Choral Activities at Northeastern University Boston, and Artistic Director of Boston Choral Ensemble.  I am excited to join the ACDA East Leadership team, as your ACDA East Collegiate R &R chair for University/College, Two-year College and Student Activities. 

In the coming weeks, we will be launching a resource page that will cover various topics (but not limited to): 

A section of the page will be focused on helping our undergrad/graduate students:

  • Repertoire For Recitals
    • Programming/selecting for your recital/s
      • What are the choral “gems” to know?
      • Thematic program (e.g. Social Justice; Global Repertoire)
    • Preparing for your grad school audition?
    • Preparing for your FIRST collegiate/teaching position interview

A section that focuses on TEACHABLE moments for all educators/conductors:

  • Repertoire for Non-Major choirs / advance ensembles
  • Building a choral community on campus
  • Pedagogy/Methods/Technique
    • Teaching non-majors in choir (technique/musicianship)
    • Working with aging voices/community choirs
    • List of books/resources you want to recommend

A section to feature collegiate choirs in our Eastern region:

  • Do you have a performance of a short piece you want to share with us?
  • A shout out especially to smaller choral programs, and
  • Students-  is there are piece your choir is singing at the moment that you really like? Tell us why and what resonant with you.

If you are interested in sharing any of these topics, or have a topic to suggest, please reach out to me. The more contributors to this page, the better it will be for all of us. We want to hear from you and how we can be supportive for you.

Australian conductor, Dr. Katherine Chan, is known for her energy and enthusiasm on the podium. As Director of Choral Activities and Associate Teaching Professor of Music at Northeastern University, Chan conducts the Northeastern University Choral Society (Chorus), Chamber Singers, Mosaic Advance Treble Ensemble, and teaches courses in conducting, music theory, and piano. She may be contacted at