Eastern Region Conference Registration Update

Due to the high demand for registration at the Eastern Region Conference in Providence, all registration categories are now closed.

To accommodate a very high demand from student members, a Student Will-Call Registration will open at 10:00AM EASTERN TIME on Tuesday, February 13.  There will be 50 registrations available, and once 50 students have registered, there will be no further opportunities to register for the conference.

The registration fee will remain at $100 and you can use this link to register at 10:00am Eastern Time on Tuesday, February 13:

Because of space limitations, the Student Will-Call Registration does not guarantee entrance to any of the performances at Grace Church which include the Rhode Island Children’s Chorus/Boston Children’s Chorus/Coro Allegro concert on Wednesday evening, the Voces8 concert on Thursday evening, the military ensembles concert on Friday afternoon, or the Morgan State University Choir on Friday evening and all daytime performances.  The Thursday Late Night Vocal Jazz/A Cappella performance will have limited seating but is open to all, and the Honor Choir concerts on Saturday will accommodate all registrants. 

Attendees with “Student Will Call” badges will wait in the “Will Call” line for each concert session.  At the published start time for each concert, we will seat those in the “Will Call” line on a first-come, first served basis as space will allow. 

Additionally, the only form of payment that will be taken for registration will be credit/debit card online.

If a student has registered as a general Will-Call ($275), ACDA Eastern will refund $175 with evidence of the initial payment.  Refund requests can be directed to membership@acda.org.

We are aware this plan is not ideal and may cause some disappointment, but still want to offer a valuable level of access for “Will Call” registrants. We must ensure that we offer a safe and high-quality experience for all conference attendees.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Christopher Kiver,

President, ACDA Eastern Region

On behalf of the Conference Organization Team