We Are Grateful…

For the privilege and ability to come together at the Resonate conference; We are grateful.

For the planners, presenters, composers, and conductors whose work benefitted us over the days of the conference and after; We are grateful.

For those persons who made the choice to be at the conference, and to sing, listen, and learn with us, and therefore put their trust ACDA Eastern Region Board and Conference committee; We are grateful.

For the expressions and iterations of music that sustain us; We are grateful.

For the many gifts that come from and of singing and making music; We are grateful.

For the certainty of the value, importance, and sustenance of our choral endeavors and community; We are grateful.

I hope we can take all that happened at this conference and use it to create experiences that will RESONATE: emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, musically. Let our hearts and intentions resonate through our music and resound wherever we go.

Penelope Cruz
President, ACDA Eastern Region