Raise Our Voice

The 2024 ACDA Eastern Region Conference will celebrate the power of both our individual and collective voice. The mix of singular and plural plays with the concept that while choral singers are drawn together by the desire to sing and be with others, the unique vocal attributes, identity, and life experience of each individual voice combines to form a rich, sonic tapestry. Singing with others not only creates a cohesive sound that is stronger than when singing alone, but also amplifies our individual voices in pursuit of positive social change.

The ACDA Eastern Region strongly encourages performing ensembles to consider giving back to the Providence community. Contributing activities could include performing in venues such as schools, hospitals, and senior citizens facilities. Ensembles may also connect with charitable or community-minded institutions, or bring financial donations or gifts-in-kind for organizations such as shelters or the local Food Bank. The Eastern Region Board will supply a database of organizations and institutions.

Process in Practice

If you are a conductor looking to present an Interest Session using your choir as a demonstration choir, you should apply as an Insight Choir.  

Insight Choir sessions will provide opportunities for conductors, ensemble leaders, music educators, and choral ensembles to present a multi-dimensional informance with an intentional balance between lecture/discussion and performance elements.

These informances are designed to demonstrate any or all of the following

  • Pedagogical practices 
  • Practical processes 
  • Performance skill
  • Research

Insight Choirs may include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensembles that have an extra-musical mission that is as important, if not more important, than their musical objectives.
  • Ensembles whose processes celebrate the diversity of the choral arts through culturally grounded practice.
  • Non-auditioned ensembles who operate and rehearse in flexible and alternative ways for the sake of the needs of their membership and the community at large.

In line with the 2024 conference theme, Raise Our Voice, we are particularly interested in topics that address DEIAB (diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and belonging) values and philosophies, pedagogical processes, proven real-world content, or scholarly research that is relevant to all facets of our membership.  

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Embedded community and socially conscious practices
  • Living composer-conductor collaborations
  • Lecture performances of underrepresented composers and/or cultural traditions
  • Experiential approaches to repertoire and pedagogy
  • Action research projects

We invite proposals for 50-minute sessions that actively engage attendees.

All sessions will occur in the Rhode Island Convention Center which has limited space for performing forces and basic support for equipment and audio-visual needs.

Conference Registration and Travel Information

It is understood that ACDA will not assume financial responsibility for registration, travel, food, or lodging for the conductor or the ensemble. Completion of the online application implies that the conductor and ensemble are prepared to travel and perform at the conference if accepted.

Session Presenter Expectations

Presenters must be current members of ACDA willing to grant ACDA rights to record their presentation and allow ACDA to use such recordings to advance the mission of ACDA. Note that all accepted presenters are expected to meet ALL posted dates and deadlines. We reserve the right to make adjustments to any session at any point.

Insight Choir Audition Process Timeline

March 24, 2023:Online application opens

May 16, 2023: Online application closes

July 5, 2023: Choirs will be notified of their status via email

Application Requirements 

  1. Session Title – The session title should be reflective of the session’s content and be no longer than 10 words.
  2. Ensemble Statement – To ensure diverse representation, without identifying the name of the ensemble or conductor, applicants are asked to share the ensemble’s mission and practices in a narrative no longer than 300 words. The narrative might include:
    1. The demographics of the ensemble, institution, and/or the wider community
    2. The ensemble’s history, mission, values, and philosophy
    3. How/If the ensemble works with the wider community
    4. How/If the ensemble meets the needs of a specific population
  3. Session Outline and Description (two PDF files):
  1. Your Session Outline (500 word maximum) should address the content and key learning outcomes of the session, as well as provide a clearly defined outline. This document will be used to help evaluate your session and may provide content for the conference app.
  2. Your Session Description (100 word maximum) should describe your content and key learning outcomes more briefly. This document will solely be used in Choral Journal advertisements.
  3. If your session is highlighting rehearsal techniques or something similar, your outline might include details about, but is not limited to discussing:
  1. Repertoire (if any) you plan to address
  2. Rehearsal techniques (if any) you plan to address 
  3. Ensemble development 
  4. Community engagement
  5. Other
  6. An application fee of $45 will be required to complete the application. You can pay by credit card or purchase order.


Recordings should feature the ensemble’s performances from 2020 to 2023:

  1. Up to five audio and/or video recording(s) totaling between 10 and 30 minutes should be submitted. These should provide evidence of your ensemble’s ability to clearly demonstrate the process(es) described in your session’s outline. At least one example of the current makeup of the ensemble in performance should be included.
  2. If you wish to submit links to YouTube videos, please upload a PDF file with active links to the videos. Please ensure that all links are correct and not duplicates before submitting.
  3. If you are submitting actual video or recordings, the accepted file formats are: mp3, m4v, mkv, and mp4. 

Terms of Agreement

By submitting an application, you consent to being audio and video recorded with no financial compensation from ACDA or the recording company if chosen to perform in the conference. ACDA assumes no financial responsibility for performer travel, food, or lodging. However, ACDA Eastern Region is committing to assisting with the financial burden of Spotlight and Concert Choirs’ conference participation through providing counsel and support in the budgeting process, helping ensembles to access resources for funding, or by partially subsidizing funding (in collaboration with the state chapters) once an ensemble has been invited to perform. We hope that potential financial burdens will not stop conductors and choirs from applying.

Application Submission Link

The online application opens on March 24, 2023 
and closes on May 16, 2023



Please direct any questions or concerns to:
Alison Geesey LaganPerforming Choirs Chair, ACDA Eastern Region