Penelope Cruz
Penelope Cruz – President

Penelope Cruz has taught vocal and general music at all grade levels, conducted community children’s and honor choirs, and sung professionally in Illinois, Wisconsin, and New York. Since 2003, she has been the choral conductor at White Plains (NY) High School.

She is President of the American Choral Directors’ Association (ACDA)  Eastern Region in July 2020. Until recently, she was co-chair of the inaugural National ACDA Diversity Initiatives Committee. She has served as the program and honor choir chair for Eastern Region conferences since 2012. Cruz was the NY ACDA President (2014-2015) after being the Repertoire and Standards chair. In these roles, she has led conference programs, presented various workshops, has aimed to bring quality repertoire to every situation, and fostered diversity of all kinds.

She was a writer on the Arts Standards Revision Committee for the New York State Education Department.

Penelope Cruz is a graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory and the Eastman School of Music. Born and raised in Wisconsin, she currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.