Young People – Old Music: Building Bridges

In a recent survey of music performed at ACDA National Conferences from 1960-2017 (Choral Journal, May 2017), less than 20% of compositions were from the romantic period or earlier.  With so many new choral titles available today, it can be easy to neglect music from earlier historical periods.  Selling “old” music to young people can be a daunting task.  The session will provide delegates with innovative ideas for introducing three works, one from each of the renaissance, baroque and twentieth century periods as well as present.


Repertoire Selection:  Quality repertoire from all periods and genres is fundamental to the health and success of every choir.

The Unhealthy Choral Singer – The Need for Fiber:  The importance of a nutritious and varied diet.

“But My Students Won’t Like That…”  Breaking down barriers and preconceived notions.

First Impressions – Preparing for Success:  Delegates will be given three works, one each from the renaissance, baroque and twentieth century.  Effective methods will be offered to prepare students to engage with music from the past through discussion, questioning, listening and physical movement.  Delegates will receive lists of suggested repertoire and useful resources.