The ACDA Eastern Region planning committee is proud to announce that VOICES 21C, a Boston-based chamber choir, will perform a concert entitled WE WHO BELIEVE IN FREEDOM CANNOT REST at the 2020 Eastern Region Conference in Rochester. VOICES 21C, led by artistic director André de Quadros, is a chamber choir and artists’ collective, dedicated to a mission of global understanding through music, beautifully fitting with our theme, “Open Ears, Open Hearts.”

VOICES 21C aligns itself with the great American voices of compassion, love, and non-violence. The chamber choir seeks to combine technical proficiency with creativity and compassion. VOICES 21C creates personal meaning in performance by connecting its musical messages to social justice issues in the USA and abroad, representing the voices of the silenced, the forgotten, and the marginalized. VOICES 21C is a welcoming space for LGBTQ, committed to contemporary composers, and improvisational, interdisciplinary modes of performance through a co-creating, egalitarian consensus model. Tours have taken the choir to France, Israel and Palestine, and Mexico. In August 2019, the choir performed a program on women’s issues for an audience of over 7,000 people in the south of France.

Their programs have received considerable acclaim across the US and abroad. Recent appearances and concert themes include:

• “Pain and Promise” at the CHORALP Festival in Briançon, France
• “Here I Am” in Israel and Palestine
• “Somehow This Madness Must Cease” in Cuernavaca and Mexico City
• “Half the Sky” (Voices, Struggles, Resilience, and Power of the FeminineSpirit) in Vaison-la-Romaine, France

Visit their website for more information and some musical examples!

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