Rounds of Ravenscroft in Boston

Chris Clark

The session “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry! The Rounds of Thomas Ravenscroft” has the dual purpose of educating people on the profusion of woefully underappreciated rounds that Ravenscroft composed in his life and providing a fun social event to kick off the conference. The session will be taking place Wednesday, February 10th at Dillon’s in Back Bay ( Together we can imbibe refreshing beverages, dine on delectable cuisine, and sing together the many drinking rounds of Ravenscroft.

Ravenscroft was the musical mind behind the ubiquitous “Three Blind Mice” and “Hey, Ho, Nobody at Home”, currently staples of elementary general music. Active in the early 15th century, Ravenscroft is mostly known for his published collections of English Folk music, catches, and rounds, in three collections. While many early choral musicians were organists first and composers second, Ravenscroft was merely a singer at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. As a theorist, he penned two treatises of music, only one of which was published.

Each session attendee will receive a collection of his rounds edited into modern notation and including a transcription of the Old English Text. The edition also includes definitions of more obscure words and explanations of the meaning of the rounds. An example of this is included below. While the quality of the singing will probably deteriorate as the evening progresses, our camaraderie and fun will increase, as will our knowledge of Ravenscroft’s rounds.

Malts Come Down – Ravenscroft Rounds – Chris Clark
Chris Clark is the Director of Vocal Music for the Southern Berkshire Regional School District in Sheffield, Massachusetts, where he teaches choir in grades 3-12. A 2013 Yale “Distinguished Music Educator”, Mr. Clark also is the Associate Conductor of the Cantilena Chamber Choir, Director of the Sheffield Messiah Choir, and Choir Director at Grace Church in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. He received a double Masters in Music Education and Choral Conducting from Bowling Green State University. Mr. Clark is the Treasurer and Webmaster for Massachusetts ACDA.