Show Choir Words of Wisdom

Show Choirs

Lisa Larsen’s Words of Wisdom

  • Start SIMPLY.
  • Don’t take on more than you can handle.
  • Start with songs that practically tell you what to do for movement:
    i.e. Come on Everybody.
  • Teach music thoroughly first, then the steps, then review the music.
  • Don’t be surprised when kids don’t sing much after first learning steps.
  • Working with a mirror wall helps TREMENDOUSLY!
  • Expect to take extra time to prepare the group for performance.
  • Kids MUST COMMIT to the movement or it will look dumb!
  • Expect girls to be better than boys at dancing.

Easy ways to create variation in movement:

  • The peel off (or rice pilaf) everyone does the same move – just one after another or in groups.
  • Add a soloist and have others move in background.
  • Change the number of row- i.e. 1 into 2/3.
  • Face front to do a step then repeat the same step facing side.
  • Use circles inside circles going different directions.
  • Do a step with repeated foot movement and then add different hands.
  • Go from straight lines to bowling pin or boys/girls or SATB.
  • Big boxes – pairs of people standing next to each other:
Person 1 Fwd RL Right RL Back RL Left LR
Person 2 Back LR Left LR Front LR Right RL

Auditions for HS Show Choir

Before the audition:
Make a CD/tape of the song recorded several times so you won’t have to play for auditions.
Make a CD of dance music with several recordings of the song.
You may want to have 1 or 2 knowledgeable teachers help you as judges.
Can also have them sing in parts if you need to.

At the Audition:
Everyone learns same song and dance at the audition.
Song is about 16 bars – up tempo.
Dance is about 32 counts.
All students then wait in hallway for their turn.
They enter auditorium in groups of four.
Each sings the solo once and then the group of 4 dance together twice.

Use your graduating seniors:
Select a couple of seniors to make up choreography for auditions about a week ahead. Give them a CD of the music.
Any interested seniors attend auditions:
a. teach kids the dance;
b. run the CD player;
c. dance in front of the kids if they need it;
d. seniors meet at end and select their own group and give the results to me.

What to look for:
Strong independent singing is #1.
Sense of rhythm is critical – you can teach them a dance, but they have to feel the beat!
Kids who play well with others.
There will be times when you will take a weaker singer because of their great attitude and work ethic.
Select boys first, then girls.
In our group – 3rd year juniors don’t have to audition for their senior year. Everyone else auditions each year.

After the audition:
Post results or notify kids somehow.
Give a brief note to each kid who didn’t make it – something like:

Thanks to everyone who auditioned for this year’s Show Choir. There were over 70 kids who auditioned and unfortunately we can only take 32.I thought you would appreciate some feedback on your audition. Please come see me if you have any questions.

Dance Singing Stage Presence

[Write SHORT comments in each category.]

Yes, you will sometimes have parents who disagree with your choices. TRY to be as consistent as you can in making your choices, and above all else… stay calm!