Repertoire and Resources

The fourteen Repertoire and Resources (R&R) Committees provide support, vision, and resources for every major area of choral work. The Divisional R&S Chairs serve conductors, teachers, composers, and constituencies, and are organized into the following committees:

Youth R & R: Joy Hirokawa

Collegiate R & R: Janet Galvan

Life-Long R & R: Jeanne Kelly

Contemporary/Commercial R & R: Kari Francis

Vocal Jazz: Sheryl Monkelien |

Encompassing Genres

Committees play an important role in serving their respective choral genres, providing:

  • Repertoire and literature recommendations
  • Documents and resources
  • Leadership and information
  • Networking among colleagues
  • Maintenance of excellent standards among colleagues
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Promotion of choral music performance and participation

Repertoire Links