Interest Sessions Announced

ACDA members and members of associate professional and scholarly societies were invited to submit interest session proposals for the ACDA Eastern Region Conference to be held in Rochester, New York on March 4th – 7th, 2020. Below are the proposals accepted for the conference.



117 interest applications were reviewed by the interest session selection committee and recommendations were made to the conference chair, program chair, and interest session chair for final review and selection. Both the selection committee and the chairs took into consideration the overall conference theme, balance, and timeliness of the topic being discussed when choosing the presentations for the 2020 conference. We believe the following interest sessions support our commitment to present sessions that challenge, honor, and move our profession firmly into the 21st-century.

–Michael Schmidt
Conference Interest Sessions Chair

Interest Sessions

Arranging for my A Capella Choir: Can I do that? | Bryan Tuk

Breaking the Silence: Empowering Voices Seldom Heard | Brad Dumont

Building a Culture of Choral Improvisation with the African-American Spiritual | Lee Wright

Choral Teaching for Community Transformation: Purpose, Exploration, and Agency | Elizabeth Parker & Rollo Dilworth

ChoralWorks – Rehearsal Tracks on your Smartphone for Free | Robert Natter

Composer/Poet Collaboration: Living Composers with Living Poets | Peter de Mets, Mark A. Boyle, and Joseph Gregorio

Copyright Law: A Primer for Choral Musicians | Bryan Tuk

Culturally Responsive Choral Arranging: Considering the Source | Philip Silvey, Rollo Dilworth, and Diana Sáez

Culturally Responsive Teaching in the Choral Classroom | Lulu Mwangi Mupfumbu

Developing a Community of Empowered Musicians: Literacy Through Literature | Hillary Ridgley & Carol Krueger

Earthtones Vocal Ensemble: Exploring Cultures Through Song | Mary Ellen Junda

Embracing Learner Variability: Strategies to Cultivate Inclusive ​​Choral Ensembles | Kathryn Evans

Embracing LGBTQIA+ Singers with Open Ears and Hearts | Stephen Paparo

Empowering Students to Unleash Their Creativity: Composition in the Rehearsal | Aimee Pearsall

Equipping the Versatile Singer: Teaching Vocal Registration | Kyle Weary

Exploring Gender Choirs | Christopher Kiver

Hospice Singing: The Spirit of the Movement | Trey Pratt, Peter Amidon, & Mary Alice Amidon

I.P.A. for All!: Teaching the International Phonetic Alphabet through Warm-ups | Patrick Murray

Improving the Sectional Rehearsal: Steps to Productivity, Musicality, and Unity | Ryan Kelly & Felicia Mulé

Korean Choral Music in the 20th and 21st Century | Dong-Kyu Lee

Living the Song: War Requiem, Choirs, and Peacebuilding | Mark Bartel

Looking Outside the Choral Canon: Exploring Overlooked Historic Choral Works | Jeremy Wiggins

Music Literacy in the Elementary Choral Rehearsal | Craig Knapp

Musician and Clergy Collaboration as a Model for Leadership | Jeffery Seeley

Programming, Rehearsing, and Performing Music without Notation | Nils Klykken

Singers 55+ Can Sound Fabulous!! Come Find Out How! | Jeanne Kelly

Singing is Singing for Goodness Sakes!: Soloist vs. Choral Singer? | Nicolas Dosman & Malinda Haslett

South African Musicing…YES! Cultural Appropriation…MAYBE? | Steven Fisher

The Choral Cantatas of Margaret Bonds and Langston Hughes | Allegra Martin

Understanding Registration Events in Children’s Voices: Implications for Practice | Mara Culp, Elizabeth Banaszak, & Christina Svec

Women Giving Voice to Women | Andrea Maas

Women Composers Panel | Kala Pierson, Deirdre Robertson, Jessica French, Melissa Dunphy