WEATHER ISSUES for ACDA in Pittsburgh!

So, one day early on in the planning stages, Paul Head said, “Let’s move the conference to March to avoid mid-winter chances of snow!” Oh well.

But here’s the GOOD news. Your main challenge is to GET OFF THE EAST COAST before the storm thickens up tomorrow afternoon. Once you get east of Scranton (or Breezewood, PA) you drive (or fly) OUT of the snow zone. There is little or no accumulation expected here in Pittsburgh, and by the weekend, there is nothing in the forecast that suggests you’ll have any trouble getting home.

Also, Delta, United, and American have ALL posted travel advisories, which allows you to change your flight WITHOUT PENALTY due to Wednesday’s storm system. It’s always better to fly out EARLIER, before the storm, than later after the storm, since there’s no way to predict when flight operations will return to normal.

Again – THERE ARE NO WEATHER CONCERNS HERE IN PITTSBURGH! We’ll continue to post updates here and on Instagram as we are tracking the storm system, including updates about hotel check-in, etc.