Women’s Choirs Chair

Chairperson:  Christine Howlett

Dr. Howlett is an Assistant Professor of Music and the Director of Choral  Christine HowlettActivities at Vassar College where she directs the Vassar College Choir (SATB) and Women’s Chorus, and teaches courses in musicianship, voice and IPA. She is also the Artistic Director for Cappella Festiva, an auditioned community choir that supports an adult ensemble and a treble choir for ages 10-18. chhowlett@vassar.edu


Repertoire for Women’s Chorus and Orchestra – version 3
This is a listing of repertoire for Women’s Chorus and orchestra that began on www.ChoralNet.org.  I have taken the original listing and included other works with additional timing and scoring information.

Repertoire for Women’s Chorus from the Eastern Division Conference 2010

Real Repertoire for Women’s Choirs: An Extremely Selective Bibliography
This bibliography was first presented at the ACDA National convention in Chicago in 1999 and has been available online ever since.  I came across this bibliography in the summer of 2003 as I was researching repertoire for Women’s Chorus; the list was incredibly useful and actually led to my dissertation topic in music from the Venetian Ospedale.