Reflections, Change, and Opportunity

Sal Cicciarella,
Together We Sing Chair

When reminiscing about my early days as a high school choral director, I remember anxiously waiting for two very important events: the closing of school for summer break, and finding choral catalog’s in my teacher’s mailbox–creating a summer long reading project of music choices.

When traveling home after a national or divisional ACDA conference with the bulk weight of single copies in hand, I looked forward to arranging them according to voicing, genre, and level. Those were the days of investigation and excitement long before internet exploration and the new world of finger tip octavo shopping.

Our concert selection process has certainly come a long way. Our young colleagues are fortunate in the way they are now able to read and listen to a number of recordings and performances from any place on this earth from the comforts of home, the cafe, or office.

In the 21st century, finding choral literature has become an effortless and pleasurable chore. Great performances continue to be an important part of the process, but so do advanced technological tools as well as social media links from our colleagues.

ACDA has also embraced change in how we offer our membership the best possible choral choices. Our esteemed R&S Committee Chairs are presently selecting their top choices of choral octavos for our Eastern Division Conference in Boston, MA, February, 2016.

Together We Sing (TWS) Sessions have leapt forward and transformed the older format of reading sessions into an engaging 1.5 hours of introducing and re-discovering new and established repertoire. To add to the excitement of each session, choral ensembles ACDA Boston logo-Smallrepresenting the best within our division will perform, explore, and share the value of these pieces by offering a live concert performance of the repertoire available in each of the TWS booklets. You can expect to hear great music from the R&S families, including male, women, children, high school, jazz, college and university, middle school, and music in worship. Plus, an additional curated list within each R&S family provides “bonus” choral recommendations for performance choices.

At our 2014 Baltimore Conference we first introduced the newer TWS format. Attendance at all sessions were to capacity and highly successful. We will continue to follow the same format for the Boston conference–just be sure to register for the conference before Early Bird Registration closes in order to secure your own take-home packet.

It is my hope that you will be part of this new and innovative process while listening, singing and sharing the best repertoire that ACDA has to offer. May you continue to be inspired by those you teach, engaging young minds to appreciate the higher standards of great repertoire choices while expanding beyond your own personal boundaries.

Looking forward to seeing you in Boston!