2012 ED Conference, Providence



SyncopationThe Boston Globe calls Syncopation the “Manhattan Transfer of the 21st Century,” and it is easy to see why.  Like that celebrated vocal group, Syncopation performs jazz and pop music in four-part harmony with a style that is both timeless and up-to-the-minute.

You may have seen Syncopation on WBZ-TV performing with the Boston Pops on their Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular (2009). The group often performs with instrumental accompaniment of piano, bass and drums, but they are equally renowned for their a cappella singing, which earned them first place at the 2008 Boston Harmony Sweepstakes.

All About Jazz calls Syncopation “a thoroughly modern, bright, and fresh take on ensemble jazz vocals that effectively updates the entire genre.”

Hear Syncopation at: http://www.jazzsyncopation.com/.