ACDA Eastern Division 2012 Conference

2nd Bi-Annual High School Soundtable

Featuring Performances and an Interactive Question & Answer Session

Lorraine Lynch, Moderator

Have you ever gone to a high school choral concert, and after hearing a terrific performance, you wanted to immediately sit down with the conductor and ask: how did you do that? This session/performance will present an opportunity for that discussion to happen!

At the 2012 Eastern Division Convention, we will continue to run this special and exciting performance session that was initiated by the leaders of the 2010 Philadelphia Convention.

Three high school choral ensembles have been selected to present a short performance with a follow-up clinic led by the choir’s conductor. Each ensemble and its director will present the following:

  • A 10-12 minute performance
  • Demonstration of vocal warm ups
  • An overview of the school choral curriculum
  • A demonstration/discussion of rehearsal techniques
  • A brief history of how each choir/director got to this point
  • Opportunity for audience to ask questions

These are the choirs and directors:

CD Singers
Central Dauphin High School

CD Singers
Harrisburg, PA – Director Charles Masters

Herricks Chamber Choir

Herricks High School Chamber Choir
Herricks NY – Director Louise O’Hanlon

Holton-Arms Upper School Chorus

Holton-Arms Upper School Chorus
Bethesda, MD – Director Mary Jane Pagenstacher