Creating a Choral Community

2012 Eastern Division Conference, Providence, RI

Interest Sessions

Choral Directors are from Mars and Voice Teachers are from Venus: ‘Sing from your Diaphragm,’ and Other Vocal Mistructions — Allen Henderson, Brenda Smith, Scott McCoy, Donald Simonson and Sharon Hansen

Singing from the Heart: Working with People of Different Abilities — Allison Fromm, Alice Parker, and Nick Page

Recovery, Healing, & Wholeness: How Music Can Feed the Homeless — Amanda Weber

Oneness of Thought and Gesture: Tai Chi for Conductors — Amelia Nagoski

Music of the Muslim World – Breaking the Barrier — André de Quadros

I Can’t Believe I Said That! … or how do we speak to our singers? — Andrea Goodman, Mary Ellen Junda, Jack Goodwin, Richard Coffey, David Anderegg

Building Literacy and Musicianship Skills into the Choral Rehearsal: Tonal and Melodic — Carol Krueger and Michael Driscoll

Building Literacy and Musicianship Skills into the Choral Rehearsal: Rhythm — Carol Krueger and Michael Driscoll

How to Make a Strong Case for the Value of Choral Music Education — Catherine Davies

Mainstreamed into Music — Christine Wineberg

Developing Critical Listening Skills for Undergraduates — Cindy Bell

Resonance in the Choral Voice: All Things are Possible — Constance Chase

Locomotion: Using Eurhythmics in the Choral Rehearsal — David DeVenney

Leonard Bernstein and Choral Community-Making — Doreen Rao

The New Gregorian Chant Performance Practice: Word, Melody, Neume — Father Stephen Concordia, O.S.B.

Demystifying Conducting – Body Architecture and Body Kinesthetic-Keys to Expressive Conducting — James Jordan

Choral Singing in Marginalized Communities: Documentation and Strategies — Jamie Hillman and André de Quadros

The “Hows” and “Whys” of Therapeutic and Service Choirs — Jason Thoms

Choral Conductor and Organist: a Creative Partnership — John Walker

Best Kept Secrets – Commission Gems from GALA Choruses — Joseph Buches and John Quinlan

Middle East Harmonies – the challenges of programming — Joshua Jacobson and André de Quadros

The Thinking Rehearsal: Creating Independent Musicians in the Choral Setting — Joy Hirokawa

Interpretation and Performance Practices in Latin American Choral Music — Juan Tony Guzmán

Boy Singers – Matters That Matter — Julian Ackerley

Beyond Salmo 150: The A Cappella Choral Music of Ernani Aguiar — Mariana Farah

The Four Stages of Verbalization in the Choral Rehearsal — Mark Boyle

Sound as Prayer: Paperless Worship — Mark Trautman and Ana Hernandez

Full Disclosure… A real life demonstration of choral music learning — Michele Adams

Singing Bach with Agility – Strategies for Large Choirs — Michelle Graveline

Commissioning: Engaging your Patrons, Singers, and Board in New Music — Miguel Felipe, Thomas Cunningham, Andrew Clark, Beth Willer, and Steven Sametz

Sing in Style: Expand the Vocal Skills of Your Choir — Peggy Dettwiler

Forming an a cappella SATB Hospice Singing Group — Peter Amidon and Mary Cay Brass

Fashioning compelling stories: Engaging singers through text narrative exploration — Philip Silvey

See How Opposites Attract When Music Is in the Middle — Rachel Kramer and Catherine Roma

Why Monteverdi? Recent discoveries that raise the composer’s profile above his contemporaries. — Robert Hollingworth

My Administration Wants a “Glee” Choir – What Do I Do? — Robert Lawrence

Singing Locally, Giving Globally: Why Intergenerational Community Choirs Matter — Stephanie Davis and Martha Banghart

THE WOW FACTOR: Create It, Aspire It, Achieve It — Steve Zegree

Ubuntu! Learning and singing South African music like South Africans! — Steven Fisher

Yoga for Conductors and Singers — Steven Russell

Mentoring in the Ensemble Arts: Helping Others Find Their Voice — Tim Sharp

Individualized Assessment in the Choral Ensemble — Victoria Furby

Heart, Head, Hands: Self-Renewing Skills for Conducting/Ensemble Leading — Wayne Abercrombie