Integrating Contemporary A Cappella Into Your Choral Program

Contemporary a cappella is exploding all over the globe. From the movie series Pitch Perfect, to TV shows like Pitch Slapped, The Sing-Off and Sing It, to annual high school, collegiate, and Professional a cappella championships, to the recently formed A Cappella Education Association (supported by ACDA), this vocal art form is taking its rightful place with “serious” choral music and can be a great recruiting tool for your choirs. This workshop will explore all aspects of contemporary a cappella including,

  • Arrangements, custom and stock arrangements, where to get them, and how to begin to write them
  • Vocal Percussion, if you are totally in the dark about VP we will set your mind at ease
  • Rehearsal Techniques, most of these techniques will work with your choir as well
  • Solo Instruction, creating a rock star without hurting their voice
  • Sound, live and recorded
  • Choreography, no, this is not show choir
  • Public Relations/Networking, getting noticed in a crowded world

The award winning high school a cappella group Highlands Voices will be demonstrating at this workshop.