Rediscovering Mexico: Music of the Mexican Cathedral Archives

This session aims to provide participants with an overview of the music of the Mexican cathedrals; educate participants about the choral music of colonial Mexico with particular respect to Antonio Juanas; and offer resources for locating both published and unpublished editions of music from the cathedrals of Mexico. Until recently, scholarship on the music of the cathedrals of Mexico from 1500-1800 has been largely ignored by both musicologists and conductors. Over the last thirty years, the choral and instrumental works of Hernando Franco (1532–1585), Juan Gutierrez de Padilla (1590–1664), Francisco Lopez Capillas (c.1615– 1673), Manuel de Sumaya (1678–1755), and Ignacio Jerusalem y Stella (1707–1769) have been the primary focus of the few musicologists exploring this relatively uncharted area of study. My own intensive research and study of the Mexico City cathedral archives reveal a prolific composer who has gone largely unnoticed: Spanish- Mexican composer Antonio Juanas (c.1762–c.1818), whose many musical compositions at the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral are unpublished and unrecorded.