Bridges Aren’t Built in a Day: Keeping Singers Engaged Over the Long Haul

Mary Clementi

For many of us, our singers are with us for more than just a year or two. We may watch them grow up while they watch us grow old. And, while they are passionate about singing and love being part of our choir, we continually strive for ways to keep the experience fresh for them, and for us, over the course of many years.

Geared towards a multi-year community youth choir, this session will present ways to keep singers coming back for more. Clinicians will focus on how to diversify your choral program in order to engage your singers for years, not months.

Covered Topics include:

1) Leadership training

2) Team building

3) Creating community partnerships

4) Artist collaborations

5) “Outside the Box” concert formats

6) Student composition projects

Clementi, Lim, and Lanzetta make up the leadership team at Highbridge Voices, a Bronx-based youth choir with a nine-year participation track, spanning from fourth grade to high school graduation. The program’s high retention rates (80% of students in 2014-2015) are a testament to the artistic staff’s ability to program dynamic and evolving experiences for the 120 students who call Highbridge Voices home.