Teaching the Developing Choir: Pedagogy & Repertoire

One of the most challenging aspects of choral teaching is the hard work that must be done to improve the skills of our beginning and intermediate choristers so that they develop into the program’s future leaders and select choir singers. While it is often easy to find difficult choral literature that stretches the abilities of our advanced singers, it can be quite difficult to locate and select repertoire for beginning and intermediate choirs that provides them an appropriate challenge and scaffolds their development to vocal success. A key objective of this session is a set of guidelines for evaluating repertoire to determine what repertoire is most successful with developing/training choirs. Repertoire alone, however, cannot build the bridge from beginning to advanced singer. This session presents an integrated approach linking suggested repertoire with proven pedagogical strategies for teaching developing singers. Attendees at the session will leave with a framework to develop systematic plan for vocal and choral instruction that is matched with quality repertoire for developing singers in treble (SSA), three-part mixed (SAB), and mixed (SATB) ensembles. Octavos with suggested repertoire will be provided and used in the clinic and a list of supplementary repertoire will be included with session handouts.