Building Bridges with Jewish Choral Music

Julia Zavadsky
Joshua Fishbein
Ramon Tasat 

Jewish music is often underrepresented in American choral music. However, the USA is home to one of the two largest Jewish communities in the world (the other being Israel). Moreover, the largest community of American Jews resides in the USA’s Northeast corridor. To connect with this significant community in America’s rich cultural tapestry, there are multiple avenues for your choruses to build bridges with Jewish music, such as programming Hebrew choral settings, collaborating with Jewish ensembles, and working with Jewish composers. Panelists in the field of Jewish choral music will discuss performance collaborations with Jewish choirs, rehearsal techniques in teaching Jewish music to non-Jews, interfaith repertoire, and new Jewish music. Nashirah, the Jewish Chorale of Greater Philadelphia, will demonstrate repertoire and rehearsal techniques, under the direction of Dr. Zavadsky. Dr. Fishbein will present his Judeo-Christian interfaith choral compositions. And, Dr. Tasat will discuss his work as president of Shalshelet: The Foundation for New Jewish Liturgical Music.