Homogenize Your Rehearsal: Balancing Repertoire, Technique, and Literacy Needs

Rehearsal time is a precious commodity, and conductors must make difficult choices about what occupies space on a rehearsal agenda. The pressing demands of learning repertoire for performance often win out over the conductor’s need or desire to also be a music educator and a vocal pedagogue. Nevertheless, as long as the choral rehearsal is the only place where some singers acquire any musical literacy or knowledge of vocal technique, choral conductors will always be obligated to wear these multiple hats in order to produce not only strong performances, but also strong singers, and strong musicians. This session explores ways to meet the musical needs of singers more holistically through efficient, targeted warm-up routines integrating music literacy, vocal technique, and repertoire-specific goals throughout an entire rehearsal process. Participants will explore numerous warm-up exercises, from a variety of sources including the presenter, and how those exercises can be utilized to accomplish a wide range of pedagogical goals. They will also have the opportunity to collaborate in the creation of original warm-ups addressing challenges identified in a diverse selection of sample repertoire.