Yes, We Test Too:  Assessment in the Middle School Choral Classroom

In the last few years the word assessment has become a word that many teachers dread to hear. We are being asked more and more to assess and track our student’s growth and, therefore, we are upping the number and depth of the assessments that we give to our students. As choral directors, our forms of assessment are very different from our core teacher colleagues. Most of them view what we do as “just singing” but we have our own varied forms of assessments that work in the choral classroom.  Join us as we explore options and opportunities for assessment in general knowledge, vocal ability, and ear training. We will explore opportunities to use technology in assessment and how a rubric can guide your students in self-assessment.  Assessment is a very valuable tool to all teachers, but to choral directors it is an important tool on the road to creating artistry and developing young professional musicians.