A Choral Nest-Building Blueprint: Raising Singers and Lifelong Musicians

Do you wonder why your singers stay in or leave your choir?  Do you want to strengthen your current and future membership? Do you want to help your current singers persist in singing in choirs throughout their lifetime? This session will explore the psychological and sociological constructs involved in why singers continue to sing. We will delve into how vocal ability, vocal self-efficacy, prior experience, perceived encouragement, and sense of agency affect our ensembles–and their future membership.

We all know of the tremendous musical, social, psychological, and health benefits that choral singing provides to both individuals and society at large. It is our responsibility, therefore, to provide support and actionable strategies for our students so that they can increase their levels of persistence, which will in turn provide more people with the benefits of choral singing. Attendees at this session will leave with a personalized blueprint on how to build their own choral nest, and the seeds of inspiration to build bridges between their own singers and the greater choral world.