2018 Eastern Division ACDA Conducting Masterclass Information and Application – CLOSED

We are thrilled to have Dr. Jerry Blackstone leading our undergraduate and graduate level conducting masterclasses at the ACDA Eastern Division Conference in March 2018. This is an outstanding opportunity for your students to work with Grammy award-winning conductor and master teacher, Dr. Blackstone. Students will also have the opportunity to interact with mentors throughout the conference.

ACDA Eastern Division 2018 Student Conducting Masterclass
March 7-10 2018
With Dr. Jerry Blackstone

The conference committee is pleased to announce two public master classes in conducting to be held during the 2018 Eastern Division Conference. The sessions will be led by renowned conductor-teacher Jerry Blackstone. Two to three undergraduate and two graduate students will be selected to participate. Selected students will each receive a $500 scholarship to offset their conference-related expenses.

Undergraduate & Graduate Conductors will prepare two pieces and meet for private instruction with Dr. Blackstone the day before the masterclass. The conductors will work with a collegiate level chorus during the masterclass. These masterclasses will engage graduate and undergraduate conductors who are enrolled full-time in a degree program. Applicants are not required to be enrolled in a conducting class at the time of application, only in a college/university music program.


November 1, 2017: Application and related items due (Video/YouTube and analyses)
November 30, 2017: Notification of finalists


The application (located below) will include, in addition to basic identification information:

  1. An unedited video of the candidate conducting in rehearsal, not to exceed 10 minutes.
  2. An uninterrupted run-through or performance (It does not necessarily need to be a public/concert performance).
  3. Written analysis of the music conducted on the rehearsal video.

Each applicant will be adjudicated on their knowledge of the music, rehearsal preparation, teaching and communication skills, and relevance and effectiveness of gestures.

Please note:  All applications will be assessed anonymously by judges outside of the Eastern Division.  Please ensure that there is nothing in your videos or analysis that will identify you personally or the institution you attend.

Recording Guidelines

  1. The video submitted must be unedited and have no visible or audible identification of applicant or institution.
  2. The performance video need not come from a public performance. It must be an uninterrupted performance or run-through.
  3. The conductor must be clearly visible and audible.
  4. At the outset of each part of the video, the conductor will clearly announce the composer and title of the work.
  5. Quality of the video is important. Someone other than the conductor may supervise the videography but no type of post-editing is allowable.

Analysis Guidelines

Written analysis of the rehearsal piece conducted in the video, which will include:

  1. Text in original format (and, if in a foreign language, a literal, word-for-word translation)
  2. Some type of graph, representing at least the major structural parts, important harmonic organization, important textural facets;
  3. A prose description of the piece, including historical context and the relationship of music and text.

N.B.: The analysis must be entirely by the applicant. This does not preclude preparatory study with a professor or fellow students prior to preparing the items above.

Selection of Candidates

Each candidate may score up to 100 points on their application. The committee will score each candidate on the following:

  • Knowledge of music/rehearsal preparation (35 points)
  • Rehearsal, teaching and communication skills (35 points)
  • Relevance of gestures (30 points)

If you are ready to complete the application, please have your analyses and vita ready and ensure they are identified with your ACDA member number.  Once you click “Continue” you will not be able to go back, so make sure and review your entry.

***ACDA is not responsible for any expenses incurred by conductors chosen to participate in the 2018 Eastern Division Conducting Masterclasses.