2010 Eastern Division Conference

Repertoire Forums

“We the People”
Repertoire Forums by voicing and/or category

Legend for Voicing Difficulty:
B = beginning choirs
D = developing choirs
A = advanced choirs

Session Focus Voicing Difficulty Description
1 Women I SA/SSA BD Music appropriate for women in advanced middle school or introductory high school experiences.
2 Women II SSA/SSAA A Music for advanced Women’s Choirs in the high school college or community.
3 Men TB/TTBB BDA Music appropriate for high school collegiate and community male choirs of all experience levels.
4 Children I Unison/SA BD Music for young treble singers
5 Children II SSA/SSAA DA Music for children/youth treble singers
6 Children III SA/SATB BDA Music written for children’s choir joined by a mixed choral ensemble
7 MS/Jr. High I Variable BD The Best of the East for the Middle School Beast:
Choral composers and arrangers from the Eastern Division will share some of their recent works specifically written for middle school mixed choruses.
8 MS/Jr. High II CTB BD Music for Men in the Middle:  Music appropriate for the changing male voice.
9 Mixed Voice Repertoire I SAB/SATB BD Music appropriate to all singers in introductory experiences.
10 Mixed Voice Repertoire II SATB A Music appropriate for highly advanced high school choirs collegiate choirs and community choirs.
11 Mixed Voice Repertoire III SATB BDA Standard warhorses of the mixed choral repertoire that every conductor and singer should know.
12 Jazz Variable BDA Music appropriate for jazz choirs of all experience levels.
13 Show SSA/SATB BDA The Lighter Side: Lighter selections for SA, SAB and SATB including songs about lightning, mud and basketball.
14 Music in Worship Variable BDA Music appropriate for church and temple choirs of all experience levels.
15 Multi-cultural I Unison/SA BD Music for treble voices at the elementary, middle, and introductory high school levels.
16 Multi-cultural II SAB/SATB BDA Music appropriate for mixed voices of all ability levels.
17 Urban Variable BDA Music appropriate to the contemporary choral ensemble in an urban environment.