2010 ACDA-ED Honor Choir General Information

The general information below applies to all honor choirs. For more specific information, please visit the links on the bottom of this page.

A.  ChoirsAvenue of Arts

  • Children’s Choir (treble voices age 10 and up to and including age 16)
  • High School Men’s Choir (grades 9-12)
  • High School Women’s Choir (grades 10-12)
  • Jazz Choir (grades 11-12, collegiate)

B.  Application

  • Singer applications must be sponsored by a current ACDA member. Members should encourage their best singers to apply.
  • The complete application includes an application form, compact disc/cassette, and application fee of $30.00. The “Sponsor Application Form” must accompany all singer applications.
  • Singers may choose to apply for more than one choir if they meet the eligibility requirements for those choirs. They can use one application form and denote their preferences, but a separate compact disc/tape for each choir must be included. A $30.00 application fee for each choir (i.e. 1 choir = $30, 2 choirs = $60, 3 choirs = $90) must accompany the application form.
  • It is preferred that all forms, compact discs, and fees from one ACDA sponsor are sent in ONE mailing.
  • Application fees may be paid by individual check, organization check, or money order. ACDA-ED cannot accept credit cards, purchase orders or cash for application fees.
  • All applications must be postmarked by June 15, 2009. Send all application materials to:


Stuart Younse
24 Allen Street
New Britain CT 06053

C.  Acceptance

  • Acceptances will be emailed to ACDA sponsors on or before September 1, 2009. Rosters will subsequently be posted on the ACDA-ED website.
  • Accepted participants will be expected to register online and make online hotel reservations by September 21, 2009. (Specific information about registration and housing will be available upon acceptance.)

D.  Arrival

  • Singers and their sponsors/parent representatives should be prepared to arrive in Philadelphia during the day on Wednesday, February10, 2010 and remain until Saturday, February 13 after the choirs have performed. (Specific arrival times and concert times for each choir will be available upon acceptance.)

E. Housing

  • The two hotels used for the conference, including the honor choirs, are the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown (Marriott) and the Marriott Courtyard Philadelphia Downtown (Courtyard). These hotels are adjacent. The Marriott is the host hotel for the High School Men’s Choir, the High School Women’s Choir, and the Jazz Choir. The Courtyard is the host hotel for the Children’s Choir.
  • All honor choir participants must stay in the assigned hotel for their choir. (See asterisk* below.)
  • Participants in 8th-grade and below must have a parent representative staying with them in the room at the Courtyard.
  • Participants in 10th-grade and above, including collegiate participants, will be housed in quad, triple or double rooms at the Marriott. Singers in 10th-12th grades will be supervised by ACDA chaperones.
  • *Singers in the Children’s Choir who are in 9th grade and above, and singers in the High School Men’s Honor Choir who are in 9th grade, may choose EITHER to stay with a parent representative OR be housed with the high school singers at the Marriott where they will be supervised by ACDA chaperones.
  • Participants supervised by ACDA chaperones must have an ACDA sponsor (or a representative named by the sponsor) staying in either the Marriott or the Courtyard.

F. Communication

  • All correspondence with honor choir participants will be sent to the ACDA sponsor. The majority of information will be communicated by email and/or be posted on the website. It is the responsibility of the ACDA sponsor to communicate honor choir information to participants in a timely fashion.
  • There will be a dedicated page on the ACDA-ED website (acdaeast.org) for honor choir information where general correspondence can be found (choir rosters, deadlines, etc.). Both sponsors and participants should periodically check this page for communication updates.

G. Music

  • All music will be mailed to the ACDA sponsor. ACDA sponsors are expected to distribute the music to the honor choir participants.

H. Costs

  • The registration fee for all honor choirs will be $270.00. This includes two group meals per day (breakfast only on Saturday), music, social activities, and souvenirs.
  • The $270.00 registration fee DOES NOT INCLUDE THE HOTEL PAYMENT. Click on the “Housing Information” link below for specifics costs.
  • Scholarship monies may be available for participants who can demonstrate financial need.
  • Kegerreis Honor Choir Scholarships.  Singers seeking financial assistance in order to participate in one of the ACDA-ED honor choirs may apply for this scholarship.  Application deadline is September 15.  More information is here.

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