October Notes from the Eastern Division President

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
I send you warm greetings and tidings of great joy, as we officially launch EARLY REGISTRATION for the 2018 Eastern Regional (formerly Division) Convention to be held on March 7-10, 2018 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I have learned a great deal about ACDA since assuming the role of Eastern Region President just over a year ago, not the least of which has to do with finalizing contracts with hotels, performance venues, and local vendors who, in the last place, provide the real backbone that will bear out whether a convention is “somewhat successful” or “inspiring and rejuvenating.” Seasoned choral directors know that the truly defining element of a meaningful musical experience is largely a result of everything that happened behind the scenes before the sound of the very first pitch. Sometimes I think music teachers would be better served with a degree in business administration than credentials in performance practice and score study.

But alas, I find myself reminiscent about so many of my experiences at various ACDA events. The first time I saw The Albert McNeil Singers or The King’s Singers, not to mention so many moments of serendipity when a choir you scarcely knew about delivers an awe-inspiring performance that goes right to the heart!

Your leadership team is well aware of the planning and finagling it takes for you to get time off work, let alone funding to attend a conference, which is why we’re working tirelessly not only to get the word out about early registration, but also to encourage our constituency to make a few days of rejuvenation and reacquaintance with professional colleagues and friends a top priority for 2018. In a profession where we are so frequently isolated by the nature our specialty, one cannot overestimate the community and support system that is ACDA.

In these coming weeks we will be cranking up the social media machine to bring our community together, and you can help with that by sharing and reposting on the various social media threads. I will say many times, beginning right now, that while Pittsburgh is a fabulous convention city, the savings of booking early cannot be overstated, unlike cities like Boston and New York where competition keeps fares low until the very last minute. To that end, we’ll be posting airfares regularly in an effort to urge you to BOOK NOW and save!

If you’re not already following us on Facebook (ACDA Eastern Division), Twitter (@acdaeast), and Instagram (acda_east), (Snapchat coming soon!) I encourage you to do so as we will soon begin posting brief teasers for what you’ll experience in Pittsburgh next March. How about that… something joyful to read on your newsfeed.

Paul D Head
Eastern Region President