Call for Choirs

We seek to represent the primary ACDA Repertoire and Resource areas—Youth, Collegiate, Lifelong, and Repertoire-Specific (Equity & Justice, Men’s/TTBB, Women’s/SSAA, Jazz, Ethnic, Contemporary/Commercial)—with a diverse, broad representation of our 21st-century choral art, and we invite audition recordings from choirs of all age levels, specializations (e.g. Gospel, Barbershop), or renown, including ensembles that represent historically underrepresented populations. Innovative and inspiring programming reflective of the choir’s strengths should be the cornerstone of the proposed program.

NOTE: The entire Auditioned Choir application must be completed online via Submittable.
The online application opens on February 15, 2019 and closes on April 21, 2019.

Auditioned Choirs Application


Auditioned Choirs Audition Process Timeline


February 15, 2019    Online application opens

April 15, 2019        Online application closes

June 15, 2019        Choirs will be notified of their status via email.

June 30, 2019        Accepted choirs must return a signed acceptance letter and submit

conductor and ensemble photos.

Recording Requirements

You must submit three recordings in MP3 format. The combined total duration of the three recordings should be no longer than 10–15 minutes in length.

  • Submissions should include representative examples of the choir’s performances over the past three academic years (September through August) and all should be led by the same conductor.
    • one selection from the 2018–19 academic year or 2019 calendar year;
    • one selection from the 2017–18 academic year or 2018 calendar year;
    • one selection from the 2016–17 academic year or 2017 calendar year.
  • Submissions must feature live, unedited recordings by the same conductor and the same ensemble.
  • Recordings may not be enhanced or engineered in any way.
  • Recordings should reflect repertoire similar in complexity and style to the program proposed for the conference performance, but they need not be pieces on your proposed program.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT include any identifying information within the recording itself (e.g., an announcement of the group or conductor, a visible banner of the school in a video clip, etc.).

Materials to Provide

Please submit a PDF file of one concert program for each piece represented on the application.

Each PDF file should display the program page that includes the repertoire. If the date is not shown on the repertoire page, please also include the page that reveals the date of the performance.

  1. The ensemble’s biography (up to 100 words maximum).
  2. The conductor’s biography (up to 100 words maximum).
  3. A proposed program if accepted. The proposed program should include the title, composer and/or arranger, and approximate performance time in minutes and seconds of each work on the program. The program should be for 25 minutes total on stage (including applause, changes of formation, etc.). Please note: Accepted choirs are expected to perform the proposed program. Any changes to the program should be requested in writing before October 1, 2019. The proposed program will be considered as a part of the final selection and should include a variety of musical eras and styles.
  4. A brief description of the group without identifying the name of the ensemble or the conductor. This description may include additional context about the ensemble beyond what is indicated elsewhere on the online application form. Information provided might include things such as ensemble mission, un-auditioned choir, prison choir, transgender focus, special needs inclusion, homeless choir, etc.
  5. Upon acceptance, you will be asked to submit high resolution photographs of the conductor and the ensemble.
  6. An application fee of $50 will be required to complete the application.
  • The director of an ensemble applying for choral performance at an ACDA conference must be a current member of ACDA; membership shall not expire on or before the last day of the conference.
  • The director of the ensemble must have been employed in the same position for no less than three consecutive years. 
  • No ensemble or director may appear at successive national or successive regional conferences. Ensembles that appear at a national conference may audition and appear at the following region conference and vice versa. Directors that appeared as a demonstration choir are exempt from this rule.

Performance Venues


Auditioned choirs will perform in one of two venues: Downtown United Presbyterian Church (DUPC) or in the performance hall at the Hochstein School of Music and Dance (Hochstein).

Downtown United Presbyterian Church
  • Two levels of platform risers will be placed in a straight row in parallel with the top stair. The lectern, pulpit, and table that are visible in the pictures will all be removed for rehearsals and the performances.
  • Instruments:
    • Two (2) grand pianos are available.
    • The Fisk tracker organ can be used. A mirror system is available for the organist to see the conductor, but sight lines could be challenging. A closed-caption camera system is not available. A complete spec sheet for the Fisk organ is in the above drive. The organ specifications can be found in the folder linked above.
    • Rodgers electric organ model 538MD-27 is also available. The organ and speakers are self-contained and on a moveable platform that is on the pew level.
  • A balcony wraps around three sides of the sanctuary and is available for performers.

  • Seven sections of risers with Y steps will be set up in an arch formation.
  • Instruments: two (2) grand pianos are available.
  • A balcony wraps around three sides of the sanctuary and is available for performers.

For Additional Information

Please direct any questions or concerns to:

Michael Driscoll

Auditioned Choirs Chair, ACDA Eastern Region