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ACDA Eastern Division 2014 Conference – Baltimore, MD

February 5-8, 2014

Conducting Master Class

The conference committee is pleased to announce that two public master classes in conducting will be held during the 2014 Eastern Division Conference. The sessions will be held on Thursday and Friday, and will be led by renowned conductor and teacher Simon Carrington. Two undergraduate and two graduate students will be selected to participate (undergraduates on Thursday, graduates on Friday).

The master classes will allow for substantive conducting time (30-40 minutes) of two pieces, with a 40-voice collegiate choir. One piece in each session will have been prepared by the master class choir, the other the choir will sight-read. The conductors will have access to all of these pieces beforehand, and the sight-reading pieces will be of similar difficulty levels.

Students will have private sessions at least one day before the master classes with mentors other than the master class teacher. The purpose of these sessions is to provide a resource for the conductors, to ask and answer questions, and to focus each conductor on the tasks at hand for the upcoming sessions. Professor Carrington has graciously agreed to meet privately with the conductors after the public conducting sessions.

November 1, 2013: Application information available on this site
November 22, 2013: Application and related items (Video/YouTube and analyses) due
December 18, 2013: Notification of finalists

The application files/documents will include:

  1. An application form which will include certification of sponsorship by a current ACDA Eastern Division member.
  2. A video of 10-15 minutes of the candidate conducting, including:
    1. 8-10 continuous, unedited minutes rehearsing a piece at any stage of the rehearsal process.
    2. A non-stop performance of no longer than about 5 minutes (not necessarily a public performance, simply a performance of the rehearsed piece or another piece). The piece may be accompanied or unaccompanied (preferably unaccompanied).

    In both videos, the conductor must be visible and audible, but identification of the applicant, his/her institution or teacher/sponsor on the video will disqualify the applicant from consideration.

  1. A written analysis of piece(s) rehearsed/conducted, as follows:
    1. 1-2 pages in length
    2. May combine both graphic and written (prose) analysis
    3. Must include textual analysis (and a literal, word-for-word translation, if not in English.)

Application Process

  1. Create your conducting video, and upload a private copy to YouTube. The directions below will assist in creating a YouTube account and uploading your video.
  2. Create your written analysis, and print a copy.
  3. Download the PDF Conducting Master Class Application form, and save a copy on your computer.
  4. Fill in the application form using either of these methods:
    1. Fill in the form using Acrobat Reader, then print out the form. Note that Acrobat Reader will not allow you to save the filled-in form; or
    2. Print out the form, then fill it in by hand.

    Be sure to:
      * obtain the endorsement of your ACDA sponsor on page 2 of the form, and
      * carefully and legibly list the URL (web link) of your YouTube conducting video. Please note that it is the applicant’s responsibility to assure the accuracy of this information

  5. Mail the following items to
    John Delorey/HUA
    Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    100 Institute Road
    Worcester, MA 01609
  1. completed Conducting Master Class Application;
  2. completed score analysis;
  3. a check for $35, made payable to ACDA.
  • An email from John Delorey (jfd@wpi.edu) will be sent to the email address listed on the application when your application has been received.

Candidates will be adjudicated on the following 100-point scale, on the basis of their video and analysis:

  • Knowledge of music / Musical preparation (35 points)
  • Teaching skills / Speaking (Appropriateness/helpfulness/affirmative/quantity) (35)
  • Relevance of gestures (30)

We hope these classes (as well as the audition process) will provide special opportunities for exploring the craft of conducting for both the candidates and the professionals who attend the sessions.

Questions may be directed to the Master Class Steering Committee Chair, Wayne Abercrombie, at ewa@music.umass.edu.


How To Set Up a Private YouTube Account
and Upload a Video

  1. Visit http://youtube.com.
  2. Click the Sign In button in the upper right corner of the YouTube page.
  3. If you have a Google account, sign in; if you don’t, click the red “Create an Account” button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Uncheck the box labeled “Google may use my account information…”
  5. Fill out your new account information, then click Next Step
  6. Click the Upload button
  7. To upload a private video, click the dropdown box and select Private.
  8. Refresh your page when finished.
  9. To share your video, copy the URL of the video from the address bar of your browser.
  10. Enter the URL of your video in your Conducting Application.