The Richard I. Kegerreis Scholarship Fund

Dick Kegerreis (1928-2002) contributed enormously to ACDA through his service as editor of the Eastern Division’s Troubadour, as national coordinator of newsletter editors, and as editor of New York’s state newsletter Choral Cues. To honor these contributions, as well as his life as a dedicated choral conductor and mentor, the Board of the Eastern Division in 2002 established the Richard I. Kegerreis ACDA Eastern Division Conference Scholarships.

Memorial Donations Invited to Richard Kegerreis Scholarship Fund

Funding for the Richard Kegerreis Scholarships comes from ACDA Eastern Division funds, supplemented by donations by any persons wishing to honor Richard Kegerreis.

Administration of the Fund

Donations are tax-deductible, and Mrs. Kegerreis will be informed of those donating to this fund as a memorial to her husband. To donate to the fund, please use this link:

Donations to the Fund